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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join ASA?

  1. Government Advocacy:

    ASA is YOUR voice in Washington & your state houses. Legislators & decision makers hear ASA on issues that affect business conditions.

  2. Subcontractors Legal Defense Fund:

    SLDF intervenes in diverse cases as pay-if-paid, risk allocation, warranty, bankruptcy, preference, lien mechanic's lien, payment rights, no damage for delay and construction defect.

  3. Education & Knowledge:

    The General Contractor Factor: A Guide to Analyzing the Contractual and Business Practices of General Contractors. Other Educational Resources range from model contract language to risk management and marketing tools. Contractors' Knowledge Bank provides a powerful tool with FREE access to hundreds of documents that cover virtually ALL construction-related topics. ASA Today, your weekly electronic newspaper & Contractor Compass offers a quarterly educational journal.  All needed information to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments, trends and economic news in the industry.

  4. Model Contract Documents:

    ASA Subcontract Bid Proposal and the ASA-endorsed ConsensuDOCS documents.  ASA provides you with the Addendum to Subcontract, and Short-Form Subcontract Addendum, your knowledge to negotiate a fair subcontract.

  5. Informative Meetings:

    Provides exceptional learning & networking opportunities to improve your business.

  6. A Staff that Works for You:

     Staff members are knowledgeable professionals experienced in the construction industry.  ASA's leadership to ensure that subcontractor interest are represented in negotiations on industry model contract documents published by ConsensuDOCS.

  7. Strength in Numbers on Industry Issues:

    ASA fights the big battles FOR YOU on issues such as insurance, retainage, standard contract language, prompt payment, bid shopping and more.

  8. Membership Directory:

    It is a networking & advertising tool that will give your company extra exposure and visibility.

  9. Discounts on Products and Services

Based on ASA's achievements from last year and this year, why not join ASA?? From lobbying on key federal issues like federal funding for construction, immigration reform, safety rules, successfully eliminating subcontractors from the 3 percent tax withholding on public work, introducing the popular new free podcasts on subcontract clauses, launching a new and more robust Web site, and winning court cases by using the legal defense fund (SLDF).