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FOR RELEASE September 15, 2014
Contact: Marc Ramsey, (703) 684-3450, Ext. 1321, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ASA and FASA Offer Dozens of Resources and Tools to Meet Subcontractors’ Business Management Needs

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The American Subcontractors Association and the Foundation of ASA are providing construction subcontractors with the latest strategies and ideas to manage their businesses with videos-on-demand, webinars, and other resources on such topics as retainage, pay-if-paid clauses, collection strategies and navigating contract revisions.

The Fall 2014 Edition of the ASA/FASA Construction Subcontractor’s Education Catalog showcases the newest education programs (live and recorded), books, and downloadable manuals that ASA and FASA offer to help subcontractors meet the demands of working in today’s construction industry.

ASA and FASA have developed dozens of education programs and products for subcontractors, including these new videos-on-demand:

  • “Liens and Bonds: Keeping Up with the Changes to Protect Your Rights to Collect Your Money” (Item #8063)
  • “Collection Strategies for Subcontractors” (Item #8064)
  • “All Work and No Pay Making You Crazy? Best Practices for Suspending Work Without Getting Fired” (Item #8065)
  • “Business Succession and Transfer Planning” (Item #8066)
  • “Prequalification Management” (Item #8067)
  • “Preparing for a Changing Workforce” (Item #8068)
  • “Strategic Planning — Looking Forward from the Downturn” (Item #8069)
  • “Navigating Contract Revisions” (Item #8070)
  • “How to Choose the Right Customers (and Get Them to Select Your Bid” (Item #8071)
  • “How to Bid More Competitively on Government Construction” (Item #8072)

In 2014-15, ASA and FASA will offer a series of eight live webinar programs:

  • Oct. 14 — “The Value of Technology and Data Management for Construction”
  • Nov. 18 — “Common Practices and Effectiveness of Incentive Compensation”
  • Dec. 9 — “Where Are We Now? 2014 Election Results and Outlook for 2015 Legislative Sessions”
  • Jan. 13 — “Negotiating Retainage”
  • Feb. 10 — “Mechanic’s Liens: Protect and Collect”
  • April 14 — “Non-Negotiators’ Strategies for Negotiating Outstanding Results”
  • May 12 — “Managing the Life Blood of Contracting — Cash Flow”
  • June 9 — “Bidding from the Other Side: How GCs Use GradeBeam to Find Subcontractors”

Each ASA webinar will take place from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Eastern time on the second Tuesday of the month, with the exception of the November 2014 webinar, which is scheduled for the Tuesday after the Veterans Day holiday. The registration fee for each webinar is $99 for members and $179 for nonmembers and allows access with one Internet connection.

The ASA/FASA education catalog also highlights the ConsensusDocs 700 Series of contract documents for subcontractors. ASA is a founding member of the ConsensusDocs coalition, which publishes a library of 100-plus contracts and documents that incorporate best practices and fairly allocate risk to help reduce costly contingencies and adversarial negotiations. ASA members can use the promotional code ASA100 to receive a special member discount off these ASA-endorsed documents when ordering online via the ConsensusDocs Web site.